Presidential Decree No. 1529 or otherwise known as the “Property Registration Decree” states that in order to have a more efficient execution of the laws relative to the registration of lands, there should be a commission to be known as the Land Registration Commission under the executive supervision of the Department of Justice. The Land Registration Authority (LRA) is the Philippine government agency mandated to issue decrees of registration and certificates of titles and register documents, patents and other land transactions for the benefit of landowners, Agrarian Reform-beneficiaries and the registering public in general.

Registration of land in the Philippines can be a tedious work to accomplish. Nevertheless, the following are guidelines on how to register land property with the LRA Philippines.

The following are the basic requirements for registration:

    1. Original of the deed/instrument
      2. Certified copy of the latest Tax Declaration of the property
      3. If titled property, owner’s copy of the certificate of title, and all issued co-owner’s     copy if any

    a. If a document was executed abroad, a Certificate of Authentication by the nearest Philippine Consulate is required.

    1. If either party is a corporation, the following are also required:
    2. Secretary’s Certificate/Board Resolution indicating the authorized  signatory(ies) and the scope of authority
      ii. Articles of Incorporation
      iii. Certificate of SEC that the articles of incorporation has been registered

    Additional Requirements for Registration For Issuance of Title Transactions

    1. BIR Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) re: payment of capital gains tax or donor’s tax, as the case may be
      2. Real property tax clearance re: up-to-date payment of taxes
      3. Proof of payment of transfer tax
      4. If the land is covered by CARP, DAR clearance and Affidavit of Landholding of transferee.

    Document Requirements For The Purchase Of Real Estate In The Philippines

    For Individuals:

    1. Photocopy of residence certificate or passport
    2. Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)
    3. Photocopy of valid ID with picture and signature of buyer
    4. Two (2) original proofs of billing
    5. For married individuals, photocopy of marriage certificate

    For Corporate Accounts:

    1. Photocopy of By-Laws of the Company
    2. Photocopy of Articles of Incorporation
    3. Notarized Board Resolution of the Company or Secretary’s Certificate stating the following:
      1. The date and place of the board meeting
      2. That a quorum was present in approving the board resolution
      3. That the board authorized the purchase of the property
      4. The designated signatory for the sale documents
      5. Residence Certificate of the Company and appointed representative/s
      6. TIN of the Company and appointed representative/s
      7. Two (2) original proofs of billing of the corporation (not the representative)

    For Balikbayans (Returnees):

    1. Photocopy of passport
    2. Photocopy of valid ID with picture and signature of the buyer
    3. Two (2) original proofs of billing
    4. For married individuals, photocopy of marriage certificate
    5. Affidavit as required by law and is necessary for registration of the lot in his/her name. Affidavit should indicate that buyer was a natural-born Filipino who has lost said citizenship or otherwise has reacquired the same.